Friday, June 15, 2012

Comprehensive Book Guide! with Daily Quest explaination

Here is the real deal..! The most wanted item in Chaos of three kingdoms! For less than VIP 4, your max aim is only Blue book from daily quest, and Battle campaign reward from Jiangxia (Manuevering Lvl63 Blue Book) also from Guandu (Three Kingdom lvl94 Purple Book).

Daily Quest ( correct me if I'm wrong about the gold cost )

One Star Quest,
reward 100 Honor, 5 gold cost to complete

Two Star Quest,
reward 200 Honor, 10 gold cost to complete

Three Star Quest,
reward 300 Honor, 15 gold cost to complete

Four Star Quest,
reward 400 Honor and War Theory Lvl 32 Green Book, 20 gold cost to complete

Five Star Quest,
reward 500 Honor and 24 War Papers Piece (1/2) Lvl 43 Blue Book, 30 gold cost to complete

Six Star Quest,
reward 600 Honor and Secret Order Piece (1/5) Lvl 54 Purple Book, 50 gold cost to complete

Seven Star Quest,
reward 700 Honor and White Horse Piece (1/5) Lvl 74 Purple Book, 100 gold cost to complete

Eight Star Quest,
reward 800 Honor and Armor Manual Piece (1/10) Lvl 65 Orange Book, 150 gold cost to complete

Nine Star Quest,
reward 900 Honor and Campaign Memo Piece (1/10) Lvl 85 Orange Book, 300 gold cost to complete

Ten Star Quest,
reward 1000 Honor and Brocade Book Piece (1/20) Lvl 76 Gold Book, 500 gold cost to complete

Refresh gold cost according to your Hardest quest completed in a week

One star 5 Gold
Two star 10 gold
Three star 15 gold
Four star  20 gold
Five star 30 gold
Six Star 50 gold
Seven Star 100 gold
Eight Star 150 gold
Nine Star 250 gold
Ten Star 500 gold

First thing that you need to pay attention is Hardest quest completed in a week. This is what determine what Star that might occur after refresh or after you finish the quest. Daily quest span time is a week before it refresh your hardest quest completed as what I stated before. It start from 00.00.00 GMT+8 at Monday until 23.59.59 GMT+8 Sunday before It goes refresh become zero again.

Everyday, We get 6 times daily quest to be done. After six times, you need to wait for another day. The cycle is every 24 hours, start from 5.00.00 AM until 4.59.59 AM. You quest will ONLY be change if you have reach Hardest quest completed weekly reset or You refresh it with gold. So, even changes day, your daily quest will still be same, n keeping the record of how far you have finished it.

Because of different time reset between daily quest time and the Hardest quest complete in a week, We can practically get 8 days of trying, by using the 5 hours gap from 00.00.00 GMT +8 at Monday morning. All you have to do is, stop all your daily quest activity at Sunday, save it until Midnight Monday when the Hardest quest completed in a week reset, then do all six of them before 5am Monday.

If you want a purple Book from daily quest, it is suggest that you get at least VIP 4, because it will give you possible option to finish the quest instantly with gold when it already seems impossible in nomal way, and Refresh daily quest option when it doesnt give you the star that you want, since you have only 6 chances a day!

With normal odds, a Purple book cost 5k Gold, and a Orange Book cost 50k Gold. Sorry, I have no clue with Gold book, But trust me, it cost MASSIVE amount of gold, dont even think of gold book unless you have at least 800k Gold to spend! Why the differences can be so massive? Its all because for purple you need 5 piece but for orange you will need 10 piece n what make it impossible is the gold need 20 piece!

So Now your most anticipated info, Trick to save your gold cost! First you gonna use all the 8 days, that I have explained earlier, and raise your hardest completed quest all way to 5 star by keep finishing THE HIGHEST STAR QUEST. By some luck, it will only take you 3 days to 5 days. ( If you still can't get five star, forget this week, luck is not with you this week, lmao)  AFter you reach 5 star, start refresh your daily quest until get six star, then you will get your first purple book piece.  If your aim is purple book, you have 2 ways. First, after you get 6 star, you do it normal way, do not need to refresh anymore, hope you will get another 6 star quest normally, and after the week end. You go start all over again until you get the whole pieces. The first way is to save your refresh daily quest gold cost, but it will take very long just to finished your purple book, and not even counting all the order that you spend. This is only for patient type people who want to get purple book with as little gold as you can.

The second Way is, After you get six star, you keep refreshing with gold, and aiming to raise your Hardest completed quest until 8 star, but if in the process you get six star, just take it, another easy purple book piece, why waste it.  Remember, Hardest completed quest usually raise one star after another, so you must raise to seven star first before you get eight star. About the seven star, it is up to you, whether you want to complete the set too or not.  Why Eight star???  Because once you get eight star as your hardest completed quest, it will be very easy to get six star quest, and you will finished make purple book in no time, even the refresh cost raise but trust me, it's worth it.

For getting Red book, you have only one way to save your gold cost, keep refresh after you get eight star hardest quest completed, and only aim to complete eight star! If you get nine star pop out eventually, skip it! Dont even think about it! unless you are aiming GOLD BOOK!

That's all I Know up to now base on my experience, Credits goes to XiauLong S3 or XiauMai S9 ( same person ), and all MVP book player at S9. Good Luck..! You will need it a lot when trying to find Books! N thanks to Onimad too for the correction. Lolll..