Sunday, June 17, 2012

Walkthrough Until level 15

Having a good start is essential to the game. Here I will share to the Novice for the Walkthrough from Level 5 to Level 15. Your Base is start from level 5, not level 1.

1. Development of Base
Before you complete the Turbans. You can only upgrade your level until Lv 10. Time to be used for each building is very short. So upgrade each building to max at this stage is strongly recommended. This is the stage where keep staying in front of your PC. Remember, to stop at your base at level 14 first, because you won't lose any troops and your order when you lose the fight, since you still haven't unlock your barrack building. Unless, you really sure what you are doing already.  This is the time for you to explore the game, and understand the game mechanics.  Usually Veteran player don't stay their base at lvl 15 very long because of so many things that still need to be unlock. One main reason of veteran player to boost their base so quickly is The Prestige bonus from Invest or Fortify is base on your base level, the higher it is, the higher prestige bonus. For more information about Prestige click here

2. Enhancing of Equipment
Before your base level reach Lvl 16, the MP for enhancing will always stay at 100%. It is strongly recommended that you would upgrade all your equipment, especially the green equipment to lv 15 before you go beyond that. In Changse map, One of the NPC will give Ingot Blade while there is another NPC gives a green armor. Try to obtain those and enhance it to Lv 15 (Average Lv 5). Please be noted that the level of your shop, which determines the max equipment level of your equipment enhancement cannot be higher than your base. That is why i suggest to enhance to Lv 15.  If you lack of silver, you can get it from finishing the quest.

3. Recommended Heroes
Here is the hero that I will recommend to obtain in the first 2 maps:

1. Guan Hai
Skills: Clean Swipe (Attack All Tactic attacks)

2. Sun Xia
Skills: None
Sun Xia is a mechanic units and can give powerful common attack at the beginning stage. Will be your main Force at the beginning stage.

4. Development of Building
From Level 11, you will have new buildings coming up as follows:

Level 11: Granary - Determines the amount of food that you can store. Food is used to recruite soldiers. However, no soldier is needed to be recruited before lv 15. So try to fight as much campaign as possible in campaign at lv 14 since you don't have the problem of not enough food for recruiting soldiers. And you wont lose your order if you lose the fight.

Level 12: Academy - Academy is where your war technology develop. Remember to upgrade all Status modifier like Attack, Armor, Defense, n etc.  For early stage it is best to focus upgrade one formation until max first. The list of Important Formation  Single-Line Formation ( boost your common attack for Hero like sun xia n all hero common attack ), Arrow Formation ( boost your tactic attack for Hero like Xia Wan or Guan Hai Tactic attack ), Crescent Formation ( boost your critical chance which apply to all Common attack and Tactic Attack, very recommended! ), Tapper Formation ( boost your chance to evade both Common attack and Tactic attack, this is also very recommended! ), and 8-Triagram Formation ( boost your Strategy damage, this is apply to Hero like Zhang Liang, This Formation usually only being use in mid to late game, so forget this one in the early stage )

Level 13: Market - You can buy and sell your food in here. The food price cycle is every 4 hours, and it is recommend to sell the food at the peak selling price. Always sell your food once you upgrade your market, because every time you upgrade your market, Your trade limit reset!

Level 15: Barracks - Recruit your soldiers