Sunday, May 13, 2012

Respawn FAQ

This post contains a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to Respawning a hero.

1. What is Respawn?
Respawning a hero will improve the quality of the troop led by him, resulting in better performance during battles. In the process, his existing Attributes (LD, BV and IN) and his Force cap will not be improved but will be retained.
His level will be visibly reset to level 1. However he has actually gained extra levels on top of the previous level, evident from the improvement to his troop level. For example, you respawned your hero for the 1st time at level 51 and he is only available for his 2nd respawn at level 58. This would mean that your hero has actually gained 7 levels from the 1st respawn. You will need to train your hero from level 1 to level 58 before you can respawn him for the 2nd time.
The result of a respawn process is random. Your hero could gain anything between 4 to 10 levels. For optimal results, please ensure that there is a gap of 10 levels between your hero's level and the level of your Base before you proceed.

2. When can I respawn my hero?
When a hero reaches level 51, he is available for the first respawn. However you can choose to respawn your hero for the 1st time at a higher level or never at all. You can continue to respawn your hero for a few more times as long as he reaches the level eligible for his next respawn.

3. Should I strip a hero equipment before respawning him?
You are strongly encouraged to equip your hero with the best equipment that he can wear before you click the Respawn button. Equipment that was on your hero during the respawn process will not be dropped or destroyed.
However because the respawn process will reset your hero to level 1 again, you can no longer equip him with items which are above level 1 until you train him up again. So, never unequip your hero high level required equipment when he has not reach the level required yet, or you will not able to wear it back again until he reach the level requirement.
4. How can I train up my hero faster?
You can hasten the rate of your hero's training by using Speedup tokens (available through Entrance to battle events on laptop or desktop browsers only), Honour points or even Gold (from gold mines or purchase with cash).

A little advice from me, For VIP0, don't try to respawn your heroes, or It might take forever to used high rank equip..

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